Hidden in the Heart of Gatlinburg

09 Sep

Hidden in the heart of the bustling tourist town of Gatlinburg is a peaceful spot….White Oak Flats Cemetary.  Gatlinburg once hailed the name White Oak Flats (see the post “What’s in a name…” for more) and the cemetary still does. 


The cemetary is actually easy to get to once you know how that is.  For driving directions click on the youtube video below.  Once you watch the video you will see you can also walk to the cemetary if you are walking through town and in the area known as The Village.

For an aerial view and to see the names of those whose final resting place is here, click on the link below.

If you find yourself in town and need a quiet place to rest for a moment, walk on in to the cemetary have a seat on the bench or under one of the shade trees.  Walk among the headstones and read some of the names, dates, epitaphs and get a feel for the history of the town and the folk who called it home.

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